Team Member Guide

*Yay!  It’s time to start promoting your fundraiser! This outline is only a guide and your own voice will help garner authentic support to raise more funds for your team.  Have fun and be creative!

 *Note: Photos and video clips of your team member’s individual or group go a long way in gaining traction!


@    Use your existing media/email lists

  • Each team will have a general code selected by your organizer. This code can be shared by anyone - it’s helpful to utilize your organization’s social media and email lists. (If your team has chosen to track individual contributions, there will also be personalized codes provided for each team member to share with their networks.)

%    Promote coupons

  • The code(s) provided will allow the user to take 10% off their purchase and credit your team’s account when they use it at checkout.

 Include links - here’s how!

  • It is also very helpful to include a link to fromLAUREL’s website within your posts and emails so your code automatically applies.  Consider linking text and pictures.

Here’s how to generate your link:

-->Replace the word EXAMPLE above with your team's code.


Announcement - (Send first days of fundraiser)

Reminder - (Send mid-fundraiser)

Countdown - (Send last days of fundraiser)

Appreciation - (Send post-fundraiser)

*Note:  The templates above are suggestions. Feel free to adapt as best fits your fundraiser dates. 

Just cut and paste into your email and with a few customizations, they will be ready to send! 

Cheers + Thank you for participating!