Organizer Guide - Email 1

E-mail 1: Announcement - Send pre-fundraiser

Subject: Announcing our upcoming fundraiser! 

Hello (team name),

We are excited to announce that (team name) is partnering with fromLAUREL for a holiday fundraiser.  Our goal is ___________________. fromLAUREL has a simple, fun, and easy way to raise funds for our team - tween accessories! 

Here's how it works:

  1. Our team has a personalized referral coupon code (10% off). CODE: ____(list code)______________ (also list codes for each team member if tracking individual contributions.)
  2. Each team member shares their coupon code through email and social media networks.  
  3. For every box of accessories sold from our referral code(s), fromLAUREL gives $5 back to the team.   
  4. The team receives a $50 bonus for the first sale! 

Our fundraiser dates: _______________________

About the product: At fromLAUREL customers can select 5 accessories to fill a gift box, plus one bonus item = the perfect surprise for tweens. They ship for free AND there is no subscription, all at one price!  The accessories are lab tested and held to the highest state standards and they aim to eliminate single use plastic wrappings often used for accessories from the start. Check them out!


Here is a social media and email guide to help us. I'll be sending updates and reminders.  Thank you in advance for participating!


(Team Organizer)

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