Organizer Guide

Whooo hoooooo!  You’ve decided to take on the easiest fundraiser you’ll ever organize.  Below you will find email templates to help you from start to finish. This outline is only a guide and your own voice will help motivate your team to raise more funds.  Have fun and be creative!

*Note:  The templates below are suggestions. Feel free to adapt as best fits your fundraiser dates. 

TEMPLATES (for the Organizer)

Email 1: Announcement - (send pre-fundraiser)

Email 2: Kick-off - (send first days)

Email 3: Reminder - (send mid-fundraiser)

Email 4: Countdown - (send final days)

Email 5: Appreciation and Celebration - (send post-fundraiser)

Just cut and paste into your email and with a few customizations, they will be ready to send!  

Cheers + Thank you for organizing!



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