Tween Girl Gifts - Ready to Launch!

Just ahead of our official grand opening, and we’re already getting a ton of feedback on the fromLAUREL Pick 5 box! We opened very softly, so softly it was almost a whisper, but we're about to get loud! We're on a mission to create a collection of fun gifts for tween girls that you can send with just a few clicks.


This early feedback is getting us super amped up --> Get ready to change the way you gift accessories for girls!

  • Mother-daughter team helping families 
  • Making family priority
  • Lab testing
  • Working with suppliers to eliminate single use plastics
  • Providing reusable and recyclable packaging

Building community by...

  • Growing partnerships with businesses with shared values - email us
  • Supporting organizations actively  improving child welfare - an issue very close to our hearts

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