How to Make a Giant Donut + National Donut Day Inspo!

Inspired by our super sweet donut squishy and National Donut Day, we set out to make some delicious creations!  

At fromLAUREL we keep it easy, simple + fun -> check out this awesome giant donut!  No donut pan?... no problem! 

giant donut


Grab a bundt pan, your favorite recipe, and bake away.  We used a classic sour cream poundcake recipe with basic pantry ingredients, but options are endless.  We filled the pan about 1/3 of the way to give it more of a donut shape.   

The Glaze:

1 c powdered sugar

1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

2 tbsp. milk

It's easy to get creative with glaze options, decorations, and flavor combinations!  This glaze spread easily so we didn't have to worry about making a mess here.  (Note: the color faded using natural dyes - next time we'll try beets!)  

It turns out our coco donut may not be coconut after all...because a little white chocolate grated with a zester started to look nearly identical!

We dropped our leftover batter in a mini-donut pan - muffin or ramekin would work too for any extra.  After our squishy look-a-like was complete, we searched the fridge and pantry to jazz up the remaining donuts with some crazy fun flavor combinations:

chocolate, marshmallow, and crumbled potato chips = sweet + salty!

leftover bacon and maple syrup mixed with a little glaze = breakfast!

the last of the coffee + glaze w/espresso sprinkles = mom's dream!


Have a blast + let us know what you make!

donut squishy

 p.s. Any day can be donut day when you add our mini-donut squishy (new name!) to your Pick 5 collection!  




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