First Days of Summer Fun - Spray (bottle) Painting

We practiced this easy, simple, fun (that’s what we’re all about) spray painting project that the whole family will love!  Any spray or spritzer bottle or even a squirt gun can create the effect.  Just dilute your paint for whatever vessel you’re using...

We designed our paintings to match our accessories!  Can you spot them?       

glitter painting

This sparkly headband and ode to the galaxy scrunchie can be added to your Pick 5 box today. There are endless variations for this technique!  For more inspo...

  • Jamie from C.R.A.F.T. + interesting elements:  collaboration, a syringe, and all to benefit a children’s hospital in Austin.  She shares many ideas for collaborative art pieces- the next summer date with friends, family night, or community project!
  • Kim from Inspiration Made Simple + interesting elements: masking or washi tape.  This blog is loaded with craft inspiration for tweens: unicorns, emojis, llamas - oh my!

*We recommend using something you have on hand already - look around for an empty bottle or save one from the recycle bin next time.

*Ideas for backdrop: an old canvas, cardboard, scrap wood or paper. If using paper, this is an easy way to make a sweet set of stationery to give as a gift or use yourself!

diy stationery

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