Eco Anxiety: What Is It?

We’re seeing increased headlines about the growing amount of plastic pollution in our oceans and the effects on marine and human life. This is all enough to cause stress about our planet’s health as well as our own, but we often feel so powerless to even do enough about it, leading to eco anxiety. But what exactly is that?

Eco anxiety is that moment when:

  • The restaurant server brings styrofoam cups with lids and straws for your children.
  • You forget to bring your reusable shopping bags.
  • Something that should be recycled ends up in the garbage can instead, or you find out your city is just hauling all the recycling to the dump.
  • You’re so overwhelmed by product research and due diligence that you end up frantically reading labels in the store, comparing prices, and just tossing something, anything into the cart.
  • Random plastic pieces, that surprise egg, tiny doll accessories, and little parts of who knows what all end up in the garbage can.
  • You settle for takeout dinner to save your sanity only to realize that there is more waste in all of the containers, plastic bags, clamshells, unusable tiny napkins and plasticware than there was food!
  • You wonder what your child is being exposed to when you see her putting accessories in her mouth...again...

If the question “paper or plastic?” sends you into a tailspin, or you lie awake at night worrying about future generations, you may be part of the growing number of people suffering from eco-anxiety. While these worries prompt us to make positive changes in our habits and help protect ourselves and the planet, what can we do about all that stress? What is the toll on our minds and bodies?

fromLAUREL is here to take one thing off your worry plate. We’ve reduced the plastic for you and all of our packaging is reusable or recyclable. We test our jewelry and accessories right here in the U.S., ensuring that we are in compliance with the most stringent states’ standards. No need to worry about exposing our kids to toxic metals and chemicals in their accessories....

Relax & Pick 5.


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